Amenities & Services

Four building wings – hence the name – come together in a spacious atrium, welcoming employees and people from the surrounding communities to meet.

Your gateway
to delight

With the luminous atrium as its apogee, The Wings rightfully manifests itself as a leading example of the modern workplace: creative, dynamic, innovative and communicative. Come in, come together. We delight you with a wide variety of premium facilities, from early morning to late at night.

Hospitality facilities with various restaurants and in-house catering.


Hotel for short and long stay, accommodating travellers and expats.


Coworking and regular networking events hosted by MeetDistrict.


Fitness for employees and local residents, during and after work.


Foodmaker promptly prepares wholesome and energy-filled meals.


Experience convenience
like never before

The atrium hosts the hustle and bustle of both the corporate and local communities. Entrepreneurs, employees and inhabitants of the Diegem region come together here to enjoy the various amenities, from a work-out at the fitness to take-out at one of the restaurants.

You’re welcome to
meet and retreat

The multipurpose atrium is a gateway and a destination, too, seeing MeetDistrict regularly employs this inspiring space to organise top-notch events and conferences for professionals. MeetDistrict is the leading coworking community in Belgium, boosting business and vibrant ideas. Informal talks at the stirring bar are also a good way to connect with peers.
Or have lunch together at the in-house Foodmaker, serving you healthy food straight from field to fork. Retreat at the airy garden terraces to catch up with colleagues any time of the day, or just to catch your breath after another intense Zumba class. International prospects visiting your office? We happily accommodate them for a short or long stay at our delightful hotel.

A place for
performance and

The Wings welcomes you to a higher state of connectivity, enabling you to perform in business and beyond. This is the ideal environment for major players and agile start-ups to run their business. And to run five miles, too.

Connect or retreat, feel free to enjoy any amenity.


“We genuinely believe that a stimulating workplace enables both people and companies to grow to their full potential.”

  • Ghent
  • Berchem
  • Brussels
  • Antwerp

Choose à la carte from a wide
range of sensational restaurants.


“We bring healthy and tasty food straight from the field to your plate, treating the environment with the respect it deserves.”

  • Berchem
  • Brussels
  • Antwerp
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