Human-centred offices
to concentrate and connect.

The Wings is as human-centred as customer-focused, with dynamic office space to suit every need. We provide big and small companies with the exact number of ‘sqm’ they are looking for to pursue their ambitions.

As advanced as

Professional and personal excellence is key. Versatile floor configuration, an optimal relative humidity of 50% and an abundance of light add a unique quality to every office space, increasing productivity.
The extended offer of activities on site, during and after working hours, maximises the work-life balance. Yes, employees will immediately feel at ease in the spirited ambiance of the atrium and its many amenities.
33,995 m2
Office space
3,956 m2
Amenity space

An oasis of wellbeing

In the war for talent, The Wings boosts companies’ appeal to high potentials with healthy environments and unique assets. The building’s main eye-catchers – ensuring visibility and acclaim – are the lavish garden terraces, offering people a splendid retreat to relax. An oasis to reconnect with nature and disconnect from deadlines or meeting requests.

With this abundance of daylight, the architecture is putting people in the spotlight.

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